24 06 2016

Debía ponerlo aquí. I have to write this here.

A lot of people follow their ideas correctly, because EU is a disaster.

My mum tell me that all spanish people must leave uk because of they don’t have jobs. THAT IS REALLY AMAZING! Living in Spain with a lot of unemployment. I tell you this is because in Spain nap is the only word that you can heard in pubs,colleges, schools, works, and families. Anyone can work with bad conditions here. Do you know what I mean?

I live in a neihborhood which only can heard people laughing, speak out loud and drinking.

I terribly sorry for this people, but we join EU because we are rich. Do you know what I mean? We aren’t poor people with low salaries, we are rich and we feel that we need this.

Catalan people. I don’t know if all that type of people who I’ve described is consider independent. But my grandama’ transmit me hard work, responsability and be nice to everyone. I’ve seen in thouse bars children at midnight. It’s incredibly ashamed.

I don’t know what follow in Europe, but anything good. We were diferent types of countries with one coin. Now, we aren’t this. Only we are German, because others only follow the “beast”. Here, in Spain, and every country in EU for a while.

See you soon brothers and sisters.







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