japanese style diet

9 01 2016

Good morning, well, in this diet you eat miso soup, beans weirds and an omelet.

It’s though follow one diet and next fat again.

Is your home, is your family and friends and work partners who is next. Any diet say this, your neighbours!! And obviuosly your feelings and mood.

In Japan their chidren clean up their class at school.

Any occidental do this? Its awful and make me angry. Yes, I’m a fat girl.

My childhood was perfect, well meanwhile I wasn’t there. Lonely and alone pass my childhood and teenage. I was a dreamer, always saw others like perfect ones, I was a stranger and I’m going out there yet, but quit dreamer side.

I eat cereals because one day in my chilhood someone… I’m fat because I don’t wanna be a japanese, no that’s not true but I try it all day… again a dreamer. I’m fine while read websites in japanese. Ineed some book write from a japanese woman or man and translate in my mothertongue. That was awesome. I’ve traied learn japanase language, but I failed because the teacher and I… well, alone in childhood class remember? I’ve never spoken well to my japanese teacher. But I’ve learn something about her: you must be polite. From these days I mentally be polite, but I’m rude. I try it I promise, but I have an accidental mental desease about my lonely planet. If I write this is because I changed a lot, believe me. And I’m changing, but that’s not matters now. Ther matters is: japanese diet.

Why chinese people is thin too? One is comunist and another capitalist. But in oriental way, obsviously. It’s hard try to understand oriental people when your neighbours go to bar, pub, or bichtclub. Why this distance between me and others? They, in my country, don’t use websites to explain something… for example the idea of japanese in Japan. This woman say something beautiful. And us? Only guns and wars.

One thing more that I defend. Why japanese people against prime minister from Japan because decide about military ideas. I don’t wanna put guns in the world, but the things are this: while china, corea, vietnam,etc have guns and use the military for all, japanese people must to know that never america decide for them this way. Peace I want stay in  the real world. I say: America don’t sell guns to your children, and put to their mouths fast food, is obsviously not a real country, with people to defend. They only attack others, america actually. Japan cannot have guns, but one of them must have this. China for Japan is the same Israel for Pakistan. You are brown because your neighbour is black.  I want peace, but others don’t wanna this, they kill their people in their country!!! Please, you must defend you from  all of this!!! The words don’t exists for this kind of people who have a gun in their home. Protect you for this, and be polite always. I don’t say: have agun in your home. I say: see the reality of the world, your life is flours for those people, a simple life. Not a normal life. Protect you but in the real way, have aids? have hungry? or have a home with children and a good neighbours? That’s I want for all of us, but this is a show, not a reality for others that you forget. Use ONGs! that’s all? give them meals… that’s all? I think is more than that, Problems which never anyone  solve.








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